Friday, February 22, 2013

This 'n that

Happy friday to all out in the intarwebz!

On the sewing front, I'm still stashbustin' along.  I spent most of last weekend working on a blouse only to royally FUBAR the button placket.  I'm annoyed, but I wasn't in love with the fabric and even fail projects give me practice sewing.  I also tackled my mending pile, which made my husband quite happy.  I think he despaired of ever seeing those shirts again.

I heard one of my brothers is setting off for Seattle this summer, so the smartass in me wants to sew him a couple flannel shirts.

In crafty news, I dug a craftFAIL out of the basement, and I'm working on making it over.  Back in our old neighborhood, the closest thing I had to friends were the family who ran the little six pack shop down the street.  Is that sad or what?  Anyway, they would give me random swag.  I've got tons of pint glasses, a couple t-shirts, and a soft sided cooler.  The cooler is very handy, only it's covered in the Budweiser logo.  I don't want to knock anyone who likes Bud, but I'm not big on logos in general.  I'm also kind of a beer snob.  So I attempted to decoupage a bunch of craft beer labels on to the outside of the cooler.  Sadly, it didn't work.  I forgot to take into account the fact that they'd need to bend with the cooler.

I still would like to dress up the cooler, so I'm going to try strips of fabric this time, glued down with a fabric glue that claims to be flexible when dry.  Hopefully it will work this time.

Monday, February 11, 2013

A little sewing humor

"Mommy, why is the bunny angry?"

I guess she does look a little annoyed.  Maybe she doesn't care for fiberfill?