Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Beer vol. 1: Otto

I know it's not 2012 yet, but I thought I'd go ahead and roll out a new feature, Happy New Beer!  I'm going to attempt to review a new beer each week this year.  I'm not a super hard-core beer geek, so my reviews won't be overly technical.  I'm just a chick who likes beer.  Now, onto the good stuff:

This week's beer:  Otto!!
thanks, wikipedia
No, not that Otto.  This one!
Otto, brewed by Victory Brewing.  Not sure if this is a limited release or going to be added to their roster of seasonals.  According the label it combines the flavors of smoked malt with a traditional Belgian style dubbel.  Okay, I'll bite.

It poured out a nice pretty deep red color, with a creamy head.  It had an interesting aroma.  It smelled pleasantly smoky and woodsy, like a campfire on a chill autumn night. 

As far as taste goes, it felt like I was drinking two different beers.  At first sip, it had the fruity, yeasty flavor I'd expect from a dubbel, then it faded into the smoke flavor from the smoked malts.  Does anyone remember the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?  You know the scene where the gum-obsessed girl takes the test gum and describes how the flavors change as she's chewing it?   That's the impression I got from sipping this beer--it's a dubbel! but wait, it's also a rauchbier!!

Overall impression, it was an interesting taste combination and a decent beer.  At 8% ABV, definitely not a chugger, but good sipped with a little dark chocolate.  I'd say it's worth a try, especially if you're looking to break out of a beer rut.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wow, it's almost 2012

It's almost 2012, and I'm still semi-keeping up with this blog.  I lasted longer than I thought I would.  I've really enjoyed doing this.  At first I was worried about trolls and the like, but it seems the only troll I've had to contend with exists in real life, sadly.  I wish there was a magic delete key I could use on his ass every time he made nasty remarks about my supposed lack of parenting skills or "accidentally" touched my leg.  Whatever.  Haters gonna hate.  Think I'll add "be more assertive" to my list of 2012 resolutions.

Anyone else hit up the big 1.99 pattern sale Jo-Ann fabrics had a few weeks back?  I did.  I actually went back twice and now have a stash of 15 or so patterns.  In 2012 I want to sew at least one item from each pattern I bought.

This past year we had a couple nice family trips out to fruit farms and some nice preserves to show for it.  I want to step up our picking/canning in the coming year.  It's a fun day out as a family plus there are tasty goodies to show for our hard work.

I'm toying with the idea of trying and reviewing a new beer each week.  I live in a region of the U.S. that is awash in great beer.  Plus, I love beer.  It's proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

Anyone out there resolving to do something awesome in 2012?

Friday, December 16, 2011

And here i am brushed out

Here's my melon after a little brushing.  I can dig it.  It was pretty easy to do and showering at night is easier with an active three year old anyway.

Pincurls in the morning

Looking a bit poodly here.  In this pic i've just woken and unpinned my head.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


So I decided to give pin curls a try!  After reading a couple of tutorials, i took a shower, grabbed some bobby pins and went to town.  After wrapping my head, i realized i didn't have a scarf, so i fished half a tshirt out of my sewing pile.  What will my head look like in the morning?  Shiny curls?  Epic rats nest?  Weird al?  Who knows?