Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Beer vol. 1: Otto

I know it's not 2012 yet, but I thought I'd go ahead and roll out a new feature, Happy New Beer!  I'm going to attempt to review a new beer each week this year.  I'm not a super hard-core beer geek, so my reviews won't be overly technical.  I'm just a chick who likes beer.  Now, onto the good stuff:

This week's beer:  Otto!!
thanks, wikipedia
No, not that Otto.  This one!
Otto, brewed by Victory Brewing.  Not sure if this is a limited release or going to be added to their roster of seasonals.  According the label it combines the flavors of smoked malt with a traditional Belgian style dubbel.  Okay, I'll bite.

It poured out a nice pretty deep red color, with a creamy head.  It had an interesting aroma.  It smelled pleasantly smoky and woodsy, like a campfire on a chill autumn night. 

As far as taste goes, it felt like I was drinking two different beers.  At first sip, it had the fruity, yeasty flavor I'd expect from a dubbel, then it faded into the smoke flavor from the smoked malts.  Does anyone remember the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?  You know the scene where the gum-obsessed girl takes the test gum and describes how the flavors change as she's chewing it?   That's the impression I got from sipping this beer--it's a dubbel! but wait, it's also a rauchbier!!

Overall impression, it was an interesting taste combination and a decent beer.  At 8% ABV, definitely not a chugger, but good sipped with a little dark chocolate.  I'd say it's worth a try, especially if you're looking to break out of a beer rut.

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