Monday, August 22, 2011

The Prognosis is Good!

Well, my laptop still isn't functional, but there is hope!  My friend the professional geek says that since it still powers and boots up fine, a simple keyboard transplant should make it 100% again.  Yay!!!

I had no idea how attached to my laptop I was until the spill.  It's weird, it's like this hunk of technology has become my friend.  Anything I'm curious about I google.  I spend more time on facebook than is good for me, while the laundry and dishes pile up around me.  Maybe this temporary outage is a blessing in disguise-a reminder that life isn't meant to be viewed through an LCD screen. 

I'm getting my first green beans this summer from my CSA today.  I think instead of chucking them in the freezer like the corn, I'll make up a batch of dilly beans.  Time to log off and prepare the canner!

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