Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fat Girl Flea Market part 2 (with pics)

Finally!  Kid's at the babysitter's house, so here are some pics of my goodies from the Fat Girl Flea Market:
Baby Phat Capris                

Super comfy and cute pajama pants

I don't normally do florals, but I like this

light, breathable shirt for exercising
The picture doesn't really show, but there's some shirring on the bust of this top.  It's more form fitting than what I'm used to.
Oh, and this one is the most ass-kicking find of them all:
Object in the photo is way more awesome than it appears.
This evening dress is straight up bad ass.  A fellow fatshionista I was chatting with in line on the way in decided to throw this back and asked if I might want to try it.  Holy fuck am I glad I did!  It appears black in the photos, but it's really a super chocolate brown net over a shimmery copper satin under layer with copper beading with an asymmetrical fluttery hem
BEWBS! Oh, and check out the beading.
My attempt to show the hem and skirt
I think I'm going to wear this to my brother's wedding in October.  It's a Saturday night reception, with an afterparty after the reception, and a babysitter for the kids.  It's gonna be a great time.  I think I'm going to sew a little copper silk shrug or jacket to put over my shoulders for the ceremony.
Not pictured-a neat turquoise peasant top that's in the wash, and a blazer my husband took a picture of that I'm making a really weird face in.

Total for all these goodies was $29.  That's right, twenty nine dollars.  Long live the Fat Girl Flea Market!!

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