Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Beauty products detox update

So I've been reading the labels on my grooming products and doing some research into what's in the stuff I slather on my hair and skin.  I've decided that for my peace of mind to make a personal "big 3" list of things to avoid:  Phthalates, Parabens, and Sulfates.

Why did I choose these three?  Out of all the reading I've done, these things stand out as being the most questionable to me.  Parabens have been found in breast cancer tissue, and may mimic estrogens in the body.   Phthalates have been found to mess with the endocrine system.  Sulfates in shampoos and personal care products can irritate the skin and eyes. Plus it gets absorbed into the skin easily.

I've been phasing out my old products and trying out new ones.  It's been a bit of a mixed bag.  I did find a few decent shampoo and conditioner options that were easy to find and not terribly expensive, although they all cost more than the "whatever's 2 for 5 or 2 for 7" I had been using.

So far I've tried:
Walgreens Ology Shampoo and Conditioner:  Pros:  Nice smell, occasionally went on sale.  Cons:  I can't seem to get my local Walgreens to stock enough.  Either they have all shampoo, or all conditioner, but never both.  Really irritating!!  Although to be fair, I think my local walgreens is one of the crappier ones.  When I found it, I paid 6.99 each

Aveeno Pure Renewal:  Pros:  Nice fragrance, Made my hair look nice and shiny.  Very easy to find-I have had no trouble tracking it down.  Cons:  When not on sale or I don't have a coupon, it's a bit on the pricy side.  It set me back 7.99 at my local Rite Aid.

Kiss My Face Big Body conditioner in Lavender:  Pros:  It seems to be a little cheaper than the other options I've tried, my hair did look nice and full after using it.  Cons:  Seems to be a little harder to find-seems to turn up more in fancier grocery/drug stores.  I don't really care for the fragrance, but I have yet to try the other varieties.  Paid 4.99 at Wegmans.

Next up, what's in my foundation?  And what will I do about it?

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