Saturday, January 26, 2013

January stash busting project.

Here it is!

I finished the blanket just in time.  High loft batting is a major pain in the ass to machine quilt, but it was free, so I'll stop complaining.  Plus, it's out of my stash now!  Woohoo!

The binding is actually blanket binding, since that's what was in my stash.  Hopefully it will hold up.  I suppose I could have made up some binding strips, but I barely got this project done on time to begin with.  The kid was ambivalent, but then again, he has a huge lego set occupying his attention at the moment.  Not sure what I'll tackle next.  I have a craftster swap project on my table to complete, then I'm back to stashbusting for the forseeable future.


  1. Oh High Loft Batting! I have a whole pile I need to use up too. It was free as well so I guess we can't complain too much.
    Your quilt is cute.