Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coffee, coffee BUZZBUZZBUZZ

I was skimming the headlines on msnbc when I spotted this:  5 Hour Energy binge sends woman to hospital.  She had been drinking 10 bottles a day for 2 weeks.  That's 700 hours of "energy" in a 336 hour period!!  The article neglected to say why she needed that much energy.  Was she cramming for a final?  Ten finals?  Trying to do a semester's worth of college in a week?  Working three full time jobs?  Terrified of sleep? 

I have had my ups and downs with caffiene.  I used to drink almost my blood volume in diet coke, but when I got pregnant I phased it out.  I have it now and then, but mostly I drink iced tea.  Without it, I become an angry zombie.  However, my worst caffiend period of my life was when I worked at Starbucks.  They allowed us to have as many brewed beverages as we wanted on shift.  I worked the early morning shift and would start off with a five shot venti iced americano.  4:30am is harsh and I needed the caffiene bomb to get going.  By 2:30pm when my shift was over, I'd be dragging my knuckles on the floor, so I'd make another to sip on my walk home.  My hands shook all the time.  My sweat smelled of coffee.  Yeah, there's such a thing as too much coffee.

But how much is lethal?  This nifty website will tell you exactly how much of your favorite caffiene laden beverages will kill you in a single sitting.  Sadly, they don't have five shot venti iced americanos listed.

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