Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Cycling of Trends, or Return of the 90's

As a lover of vintage stuff, I like to follow the cycling of fashion trends and try to predict which things will come back and when.   I have a feeling the 1990's are due for a resurgence, and as someone who came of age during that decade, I cringe.  Remember grunge?  I remember seeing ads in Seventeen magazine for hair products to make it appear you had not washed your hair.  WTF.  And how about distressed jeans (which I don't believe ever went completely away)?  If I'm forking over $80 or more for a pair of jeans, they should have knees.
Oh, and there were kids in my high school that did this:
Yep, their clothes are on backwards.  This one didn't last long.  Who else remembers Umbros?
Shiny and Neon!  Why not write "LOOK AT MY ASS!!!!!!!!!" on your butt instead and save a couple bucks?
And I couldn't leave these out:
STOP!!!! Hammertime!  I'll admit that the first concert I ever went to was M.C. Hammer at the state fair with my dad and little brothers.  Good times.

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