Thursday, April 21, 2011

Royal Wedding souvenirs

So the big Royal Wedding is coming up.  Not sure if I'll get up at 5am to watch it, but I wish William and Kate all the best.  I wonder if they have seen any of these wedding souvenirs.  Some of this stuff is downright strange. 
The happy couple on a fridge.  Why??  I think I'd be a little creeped out by their eternally happy gaze following me around my kitchen every day.

The royal "ring".  LOL

Along those same lines, a royal beer spiked with aphrodisiacs.  Hehehe.  The brewer was kind enough to send a congratulatory bottle to Prince William.

The royal couple on a pizza.  A PIZZA.  Om nom nom.
This next one is not specifically royal, but damn does it kick ass
Engagement Brass Knuckles.  DO NOT FUCK WITH THE BRIDE!!!!
Rock on, royal couple!

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