Monday, April 4, 2011

Focus Group Follies

Today I visited the Campbell's soup complex for a focus group.  Since I'd really like to be invited back, I won't go into detail about what we discussed.  One thing did strike me as funny--on one side of the table were two women and a man who were pretty anti-canned soup.  I was on the opposite side of the table with two young single guys who ate canned soup pretty regularly.  It was weird how neatly we were divided up.  No preservatives vs. Bring on the preservatives!  No MSG vs. Lots of MSG!  I'm going to make fabulous homemade soup for my loving family vs. screw it, I'm tired, you're all eating Chicken and Stars!  Odd to say the least, but interesting to see the thought process that goes on with product development.  I hope I get to do another one someday.

The Campbell's complex also has a store that's open to the public stocked with all sorts of giftware, all the soups and V8 varieties, and...some tasty refrigerated soups in flavors I haven't seen at the grocery store.  Think lobster bisque with sherry, chicken basil chili, tequila lime chicken, some variety of super green curry, etc.  I got a 4lb bag of jambalaya.  We had it for dinner tonight and damn, was it tasty!  They should take that stuff nationwide!

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