Saturday, April 16, 2011

A love-hate relationship

I have a love-hate relationship with Old Navy.  I love the giant pile of clothes I got this morning.  Cute little cropped cardigans were on mega blowout sale this morning, and I found some awesome dresses. 
However, I'm at the top of their size range.  And it really pisses me off that they took the plus sizes out of stores.  I don't like the fact that anyone larger than me has to shop online.  And what about me?  One more baby or a fucked up thyroid, and I'm screwed, too!
But the thing is, I'm not independently wealthy.  $95 at Old Navy buys like six months worth of clothes for me.  $95 at Lane Bryant or Torrid is maybe two things.  Three if they're something good in the clearance rack.  And sometimes Torrid trends too young for me, and Lane Bryant skews, well, old and fugly.  I am NOT gonna wear ugly clothes, nor will I pay out the ass for the privilege.
I do love thrifting, but that requires both time and luck.  My time is in short supply right now.  An afternoon of treasure hunting in my favorite thrift stores is a rare treat. 

I guess the solution is to improve my sewing-fu.  Maybe once I'm done with my jewelry class.